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Munduk and the nearby villages of Kayuputih and Banyuatis are dotted along the scenic drive of twists and turns between Twin Lake Buyan and Tamblingan at the west of Bedugul to Seririt on Bali’s northern coast. Although Munduk village itself looks unassuming when you travel down its single main road, the buildings hold a hidden secret: behind them are the region’s prime spots for watching sunrises on one side and sunsets on the other. Million dollar views for a few thousand Rupiah per night cannot be bad!Often overlooked by tourists, Munduk’s cooler climate comes to many as a welcome break from the humidity common in the rest of Bali. Trekking is the big call card here and you can see why with the myriad of trails through the forested hills to hidden villages, the two main waterfalls and the coffee and cocoa plantations. You can hike them self-guided, although a decent map and some time and patience are essential for navigating the often maze-like tracks. Brush-up on your basic Balinese and ask the locals for help whenever you can.Dutch colonists used to stay in Munduk to escape the heat of Singaraja, Bali’s second largest city and the centre of the island’s colonial past. The Dutch built an assortment of rest houses for those wanting a break from the city. You can still see evidence of these colonial-style buildings today, some having survived by being converted into guest houses.

If you like authentic, and almost non-touristy places, then Munduk and the Twin Lakes is one of the best places to stay in Bali.The small town is hidden in the mountains, nestled between forest and rice terraces. We planned to stay one night and ended up here for three.We were lucky enough that we happened to be in Munduk during the Twin Lake Festival. It’s a multi-day festival with dancing and a lot of music.The locals compete against each other in artistic and sportive activities. All for fun and for the locals, nothing is staged for tourists (my friend and I were the only westerners here).If you don’t happen to arrive when the festival is on, then there are a few really nice hikes in the area and the waterfall of Munduk is a must-see too. It’s a short walk from the main road.The nights are early and dark, but with some luck, you’re able to see the beautiful milky way above you.Otherwise, there isn’t much to do, other than enjoying local life.If you’re looking for a charming, unpretentious town away from the hustle and bustle of the main areas in the south of Bali, don’t miss staying in Munduk.

Munduk is a small village tucked away in a lush jungle surrounded by cascading waterfalls. It makes for an impressive place to explore for adventurous travelers as there are so many things to do in Munduk, Bali.Whilst the influx of tourists into Bali increases, these smaller, lesser-known hill areas are making a name for themselves. They are fast becoming the go-to places to escape the crowded coastline and Munduk sure is a hidden gem that should be on your Bali bucket list!After traveling throughout Bali and visiting the more popular inland areas such as Ubud, I can safely say that Munduk has that remote feel which I felt was lacking throughout the rest of the island.I was pleasantly surprised by it’s beauty, the kind people and the cooler weather which I welcomed after spending my first few days around Kuta and Seminyak.